Rosemary may be my most loved herb, ever, even though I don’t use it often. And when I do I use it sparingly. Rosemary has an Evergreen smell to it, but also a touch of bitterness. I use it most in beef and lamb dishes. It is a bass note for cooking darker meats.

Like most herbs, it can be used fresh or dried. The leaves and flowers are edible, but the woody stems are not. It’s also easy to grow as an annual in colder zones, and as a perennial in warmer areas.

I may be a titch biased, because Rosemary reminds me of Pine trees. The smell of pine is a home scent for me, because I grew up in New England. Every time I add Rosemary to a dish, I see big, White Pine trees and hear wind blowing through them.

Is there an herb that reminds you of home? If so, please share in the comments.

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