Before we get started, I have a confession to make. I was a terribly picky eater as a child. Ask my mom, she’ll tell you all about it. I would take one look at a new food and decide I didn’t like it. So, it’s kind of bizarre that I would eventually learn to love to cook.

I have a good friend to thank for my interest in cooking. She was magic in the kitchen. Whatever she had on hand would go in the pot and poof, it was food! I learned what kitchen witchery was while I watched her cook.

And then I found myself in the position of wife, and mother to four children, and I was so thankful to be capable of putting together a basic meal from simple ingredients. Trying to keep five other people happy with dinner plans was no small feat, as they all liked different flavors and textures. Thank goodness for pasta, otherwise some of us would have starved.

Food should be yummy and nutritious. And cooking shouldn’t be something we dread. Food, and the act of making it, should bring us joy and a sense of community. I hope that I can answer questions, provide some direction,¬†and welcome you into the kitchen.

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