Any Requests? (and a request from me)

Hi all.

I started this blog to help people cook. I figured if I could just direct people to my blog when they asked questions, it would save everyone time and frustration. No one is going to remember an entire recipe rattled off verbally.

So, does anyone have any requests? Is there a recipe you’d like to see here? Is there a cooking technique you’d like to learn about? Is there a spice someone gave you at Christmas that you need help with using in a dish? Do you need encouragement to jump on the Foodie bandwagon?

Please leave a question or comment below, and I’ll be happy to help.

Now, my request of you. My birthday is tomorrow, and all I’d really like is for my blog to reach more people. If you feel like it, share my blog, or just a specific post from my blog, on one (or more) of your social media platforms. I want my blog to grow, please help.



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